Lime House, Singapore’s first Caribbean restaurant combining excellent food and drinks, a relaxing lounge atmosphere and great music.

Lime Yard

Stumble into our Lime Yard, an outdoor bar and tropical garden lounge nestled behind our restaurant. Relax with a beer or a tantalizing Caribbean cocktail on the cushioned sofas with friends or family. Add some light bites and you’ll find it is the perfect cosy spot to “lime”.

Second Floor

The stairs to the Second Floor lead up to an open-concept space that is punctuated with vivid colour details that will make you feel right at home. The Second Floor is a space with ample flexibility to suit a wide range of events. From professional corporate events to celebratory wedding dinners, the Second Floor is truly a space that accommodates to your needs. The 1,500 square feet area comes with its own built-in bar, a feature complementing the best of parties with our wide range of cocktails, including signature offerings found only at Lime House. Versatile and functional, the space could easily be turned into a relaxing lounge with our comfy cushioned sofas and wooden arm chairs or transformed into a party venue with cocktail tables and some live music or a DJ to amp up the atmosphere for a night to remember.

Third Floor

Our Third Floor multipurpose venue is an open space ideal for networking events, company team-building sessions and corporate events. The Third Floor captures natural light leaving the room with a perfect combination of brightness and comfort well-suited for interactive sessions. The inviting and warm setting tucked away on our third floor welcomes up to 80 people with flexible seating, floor plan arrangements and plenty of space for various equipment needed to facilitate any occasion. This elegantly decorated 1,500 square feet venue lends versatility to the space that leaves the client with an open canvas to their imagination. Turn it from a professional workshop session to a fancy dinner and dance event or even a Reggae night like we do!

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Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar
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