Beep Studios was founded in 2004, as The Loft Studios, with the vision of becoming a community hub to foster the growth of a nascent music scene in Singapore, providing new artists and enthusiasts with a place to congregate, talk music and do life together. What began as a small loft crammed with mixers and effects racks in a Jurong apartment room has now become a fully fledged recording and mastering facility, helmed by a team of producers who are as professional in their craft as their dedication and love for the vision that music should be experienced as a community.We believe that when we treat our music and artists with love and respect, crafted and moulded with our very hands and ears, great music happens.

Professional services offered include album production, recording, mixing & mastering, as well as sonic design and composition. The magnificent space also doubles up as a live venue option for artists who are looking for a unique space.

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