Hatch is a collaborative space that enables users to access your business and vice versa. Whether you’re an artist who needs to showcase your art pieces, or a business that needs a space for events, meetings, training, workshops, brainstorming or networking sessions or a teacher who needs a place for your classes, Hatch offers a modern and comfortable environment for your guests at affordable prices.

Facing the Sprint Highway, just before the left turning into Tropicana City Mall, Hatch is located at a strategic location. The Taman Bahagia LRT station is a 10- minute ride away and if you drive, you can either park in Tropicana City Mall which is a 5- minute walk away or in Damansara Intan itself.

Looking for holding events?

Suitable for:
seminar workshop training meeting corporate-function arts-exhibition activities
UserRoll - Online Campaign and Registration Platform
EventNook - Online Event Registration and Event Ticketing

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You can use eventnook for simple and effective event registration or online ticket sales.